Instant Approval for Payday Loans!

Applying for a personal loan or cash advance or payday loan may be confusing and time-consuming. Though eligibility typically varies by company, most reputable cash advance and payday loan resources include criteria based on employment, salary, credit history, social security numbers and collateral. Review the eligibility criteria below before you apply for a payday loan to ensure instant-approval for your cash advance.

  • Employment
    Approval for a cash advance loan is usually given to individuals that can verify 3 months of consecutive employment.
  • Salary
    Companies prefer consumers who earn a salary of $1,000 or more a month after taxes to ensure timely repayment of their cash advance. Be sure to read all the salary requirements before applying.
  • Credit History
    Though not all companies require a credit report, many cash advance resources require this document to assess the risk of a loaning to a given customer.
  • Social Security Numbers
    This 9-digit number is a way for the government to monitor individuals, mostly for taxation purposes.
  • Collateral
    Since cash advances and payday loans are usually obtained on a short notice, many companies require collateral (such as cars, homes, or other valuable goods) to ensure repayment of the advance.
  • Additional requirements
    In order to qualify for a cash advance, other criteria may determine whether or not you can receive a payday loan. Typically, the borrower must be a citizen in the country that the lending company is established in. Eligible recipients must be over the age of 18. For many instant-approval lenders, you are instantly declined without a checking account number. Up-to-date contact information is also needed in case of late or missed payments.

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